Powerful Discovery

At Beactica Therapeutics, we leverage our expertise and success in drug discovery & development to strategically expand a pipeline of promising therapeutics to methodically fulfil urgent needs within the cancer therapeutics industry.

We apply our dedication to excellence and passion for science to develop breakthrough cancer therapeutics. By combining our unique and targeted approach to drug discovery & development with cutting-edge technology and established expertise, we develop solutions that have the potential to make a pivotal difference in tomorrow’s society.


Identifying breakthrough solutions

Our fragment-based lead generation platform enables us to efficiently identify and develop targeted cancer therapeutics. The platform utilises state-of-the-art experimental and computational techniques to understand and exploit molecular interactions, thereby providing clear-cut insights on innovative targeting opportunities for prioritised disease proteins.


Established history of innovation

Our drug development platform and approach – established with and validated by world-leading partners within the pharmaceutical industry – has delivered repeated successes in lead generation and drug development. Discover some of our recent breakthroughs in the oncology below.

Case studies Almac

Highly potent and selective allosteric USP7 inhibitors

Beactica’s technology platform and critical scientific understanding supported Almac Discovery in identifying novel and selective inhibitors of several ubiquitin-specific proteases – including a potent inhibitor of USP7 – with the ultimate aim of developing novel cancer therapeutics.

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Understanding Afatinib

Afatinib is a marketed inhibitor of EGFR, HER2 and ErbB4 with clinical efficacy in some patients resistant to antibody or kinase inhibitor therapy. By leveraging the insight and technology from Beactica Therapeutics, Boehringer Ingelheim gained a deep understanding of the interaction mechanism of this important drug.

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