Drug Discovery Partnerships

Collaborating to achieve cutting-edge breakthroughs

As well as progressing its own drug discovery programmes, Beactica Therapeutics enters into partnerships selectively with other companies and world-leading drug discovery centres. The nature of the agreement provides an efficient and flexible way for the partnering organisation to leverage the power of Beactica Therapeutic's unique drug discovery platform to identify novel drug targets and strengthen the pipeline.  


Beactica & Oscotec

The collaboration with Oscotec was initiated in March 2021. The aim of the partnership is to initially collaborate concerning research and early preclinical development of novel anti-cancer drug candidates arising out of Beactica’s LSD1 programme. Oscotec may thereafter opt to take full responsibility for clinical development and commercialization.

Under the terms of the agreement, Oscotec is entitled to gain exclusive global rights for further development and commercialization of Beactica’s programme. Beactica is eligible to receive up to EUR 149 million in potential preclinical, clinical and regulatory milestones, including an upfront and equity payment from Oscotec upon signing of the agreement. Furthermore, Beactica is eligible to receive double-digit royalties on commercial sales of the products resulting from the partnership. Beactica is also entitled to revenue shares from any related future licensing activities by Oscotec.

Press release from March 2nd 2021


Beactica & Dong-A ST

The collaboration with Dong-A ST was initiated in October 2016 and extended in March 2019. The aim of the partnership is to jointly develop novel anti-cancer drugs against certain disease-related oncology targets.

Under the terms of the agreement, Dong-A ST gained exclusive global rights for the further development and commercialisation of Beactica’s small molecule inhibitors against multiple members of a family of epigenetic enzymes. The partnership pools existing compound series from both companies and combines Beactica's unique early-stage lead generation capabilities with Dong-A ST's strengths in downstream pre-clinical and clinical development of new therapeutic agents.

Beactica received an undisclosed upfront payment and research funding and is eligible to receive potential milestone payments for certain research, preclinical, clinical and regulatory milestones. In addition, Dong-A ST will pay royalties on commercial sales of any marketed products resulting from the partnership. Beactica is also entitled to a revenue share from any related future licensing activities by Dong-A ST.

In December 2019, Dong-A ST and Beactica announced the achievement of a key milestone in their collaboration to develop new cancer treatments.

Press release from October 26th 2016

Press release from March 12th 2019

Press release from December 4th 2019


Beactica & University of Dundee

The collaboration with University of Dundee, a top-ranked university in the UK for biological sciences, was announced in January 2021. The aim of the partnership is to generate novel inhibitors and targeted degraders of WRN helicase, a protein with significant therapeutic potential for cancers with microsatellite instability.

The collaboration will leverage core capabilities of each partner and build on the work of Professor John Rouse, on the control of chromosome stability and DNA repair in cancer. Beactica will contribute key technical strengths in identifying and optimizing allosteric binders as well as evaluating ternary degradation complexes formed by PROTACs based on such binders. The collaboration will also benefit from top facilities and expertise available at Dundee, including the Drug Discovery Unit, headed by Prof. Paul Wyatt FRSE and the MRC Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit headed by Prof. Dario Alessi.

Press release from January 12th 2021


Beactica, VIB & CD3

The collaboration with VIB and KU Leuven’s Centre for Drug Design and Discovery (CD3) was announced in March 2019. The aim of the partnership is to generate new leads against an innovative target for a range of inflammatory conditions.

The collaboration will leverage core capabilities of each partner and builds on the work of Prof. Dr Savvas Savvides (VIB-UGent), whose major research focus concerns macromolecular signalling complexes pivotal to inflammation. The alliance will use Beactica’s proprietary drug discovery platform that enables the identification of novel small molecule modulators against challenging target proteins. CD3’s drug discovery capabilities, including its medicinal chemistry resources and expertise, will be driving the optimisation of small molecule modulators towards new medicines. VIB Discovery Sciences will focus on the translational research needed to deliver validated candidates for small molecule therapeutics. The terms of the collaboration have not been disclosed.

Press release from February 27th 2019 

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