Our Mission and Culture

Innovative drug development to enhance lives

Our Mission

We leverage our leading expertise and technology to develop novel small molecule therapeutics that can provide patients suffering from genetically defined cancers with prospects of a longer and healthier life.

Our Vision

By 2026, Beactica will be a clinical-stage precision oncology company. 

As we continue to innovate, we will expand our therapeutic pipeline to meet patient needs in the ever-evolving landscape of cancer drug development. We will also continue to build mutually beneficial industry partnerships that drive progress in the field of small molecule cancer therapeutics.

Our Core Values and Behaviour

Integrity, Excellence, Innovation and Diligence are at the core of what we do at Beactica. By combining our creative and curious outlook with our world-class science, we can make a difference where it really matters.


We believe that real progress can only emerge from honesty, respect, openness, trust and by following the science. Therefore accountability, transparency and responsibility are non-negotiables at Beactica.


We are driven to perform cutting-edge, world-class science with the highest degree of knowledge, competence and accuracy – for each other, our investors, our partners and patients.


We foster a fertile environment for innovation through cultivating a culture of continuous learning, curiosity, boldness and collaboration.


True breakthroughs do not come around accidentally.  At Beactica, we pride ourselves on our drive, determination and perseverance to discover life-changing therapies.

Underpinning the foundation of our four core values is collaboration and passion, which is present at every level. Our team’s teamwork, commitment and optimism enable us to achieve our goals.

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