Powerful protein binders from designed polypeptides and small organic molecules – a general concept for protein recognition.

01 January 2011

Tegler, L.T. Nonglaton, G., Büttner, F., Caldwell, K., Christopeit, T., Danielson, U.H., Fromell, K., Gossas, T., Larsson, A., Longati, P., Norberg, T., Ramapanicker, R., Rydberg, J. and Baltzer. (2011) Angew. Chem. 50; 1823-1827.

High-affinity binders for the C-reactive protein (CRP), with dissociation constants in the pM to nM range and selectivities in human serum comparable to those of antibodies, were obtained by conjugation of 16 designed polypeptides to phosphocholine, a small molecule that binds CRP with a KD value of 5 μM (see picture). The polypeptides were not designed specifically to recognize CRP and bind by an adapted fit mechanism.

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