Beactica welcomes Uppsala University Holding Company as a new shareholder

15 August 2008

Uppsala, Sweden, August 15th, 2008

Beactica AB, a fragment-based drug discovery company spun out of Uppsala University, today announced a new investment and the addition of Uppsala University Holding Company to its shareholders. The funding will support Beactica’s growing internal drug discovery pipeline.

"We are very pleased to welcome Uppsala University as a shareholder” said Beactica CEO, Dr Per Källblad. "Uppsala University Holding Company has a robust investment record and we know we’ll benefit from their commitment to us”.

CEO of Uppsala University Holding Company, Dr Lars Jonsson, said "Beactica is an exciting company with a strong technology platform based on more than a decade of research at Uppsala University. Investing in Beactica provides us with an opportunity to deepen our biotechnology portfolio.”

For further information, please contact Dr Per Källblad, CEO Beactica, +46 (0)18 56 08 80, or Dr Lars Jonsson, CEO Uppsala University Holding Company, +46 (0)18 471 18 42.

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