Beactica announces appointment of Scientific Advisors

28 September 2015

Uppsala, Sweden, 29 September 2015

Beactica, the Swedish fragment-based drug discovery company, today announced the appointment of Professor Jan Kihlberg and Dr Vendela Parrow as Scientific Advisors. They will, together with company co-founder Professor Helena Danielson, assist the progression of Beactica’s internal drug discovery programs within oncology and CNS.

"It is a privilege for me to welcome Professor Kihlberg, Dr Parrow and Professor Danielson as Scientific Advisors to Beactica.” said Dr Ulf Bremberg, CSO of Beactica. "The development of our internal discovery projects will benefit greatly from their scientific knowledge and experience. We look forward to engaging with them on Beactica’s long-term scientific strategies and deepening our academic collaborations.”

Jan Kihlberg is Professor in Organic Chemistry at Uppsala University since 2013. Between 2002–2012 Jan was Director of Medicinal Chemistry and Director of Competitive Intelligence and Business Foresight Analysis at AstraZeneca R&D in Mölndal. He became Professor in Organic Chemistry at Umeå University in 1996 after having established his research group at Lund Institute of Technology in 1991. He holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Lund Institute of Technology and has published 150 peer–reviewed publications, book chapters and patents.

Vendela Parrow is Manager of the In Vitro and Systems Pharmacology Facility, SciLifeLab Drug Discovery and Development Platform. Dr Parrow was founder, CEO and CSO of Akinion Pharmaceuticals AB during preclinical and clinical development of a novel kinase inhibitor for pharmaceutical treatment of AML. Dr Parrow also has experience from developmental biology and cytokine research. Before Akinion, Dr Parrow worked as project leader and scientific expert across a range of projects at Pharmacia and Biovitrum.

Helena Danielson is Professor of Biochemistry at Uppsala University since 2002 and co-founded Beactica in 2006. She is a specialist in enzyme-based drug discovery and has extensive experience of the commercial drug discovery process through more than 25 years of collaborative research with industrial partners. Her longstanding work with biosensor technology and the Biacore technology for detailed studies of enzyme-inhibitor interactions has resulted in the development of new biosensor products of wide use in the discovery industry.

For additional information please contact Dr Per Källblad, Beactica CEO, +46 18 560880.

About Beactica
Beactica AB is a specialist drug discovery company, utilising its proprietary methodologies to evaluate the interactions of molecules in order to generate novel therapeutics. As well as progressing its own drug discovery programmes, Beactica offers partnerships for fragment-based lead generation using its proprietary discovery platform. Founded in 2006 based on research carried out at Uppsala University and first-hand experience from the drug discovery industry, Beactica has established a robust reputation as the leader in SPR biosensor-based small molecule drug discovery.


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