- Towards Breakthrough Therapeutics In Oncology

Beactica is using its proprietary and world-leading drug discovery platform to build a pipeline of novel and mechanistically defined small molecule therapeutics to address unmet medical needs.

Beactica is actively seeking strategic collaborations with pharmaceutical companies to develop these assets.


Beactica is developing novel small molecule allosteric modulators of the epigenetic target protein lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1/KDM1A). LSD1 is an epigenetic eraser that removes methyl groups from mono- and dimethylated Lys4 of histone H3, and thereby changing the chromatin configuration that governs regulation of DNA transcription. LSD1 also has a structural function as a scaffolding protein supporting larger epigenetic protein complexes. Significant research shows that modulation of LSD1 is relevant for the treatment of several common cancers. The catalytic LSD1 inhibitors currently in clinical trials, however, have a limitation in their anti-cancer effect as compared to genetic knockdown of LSD1.

Beactica’s novel and potent allosteric LSD1 modulators have a mechanism of action that is fundamentally different from the catalytic LSD1 inhibitors currently in clinical development. Non-toxic levels of Beactica’s allosteric modulators lead to significant LSD1 knockdown, indicating potential for a broad oncology scope. The compounds show full in vitro efficacy over a panel of more than 40 diverse cancer cell lines and exhibit a unique sensitivity profile that is dissimilar to over 300 tested reference compounds. They also show efficacy in sensitive and resistant glioblastoma-initiating stem cell clones while results with astrocytes indicate a therapeutic window.

The programme is currently in lead optimisation.

Aspects of Beactica’s LSD1 research have been supported by the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova) with two grants of SEK 3.0 million (2015) and SEK 2.0 million (2017).


Beactica is developing novel small molecule modulators targeting ubiquitin-specific protease 7 (USP7), with potential application in a range of oncological indications. 

The programme is currently in lead generation.

Exploratory Targets

Beactica is continually evaluating new targets with therapeutic breakthrough potential to add to the Company's pipeline.