Drug Discovery Partnerships

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The collaboration with Dong-A ST started in October 2016. The aim of the partnership is to jointly develop novel anti-cancer drugs against certain disease-related oncology targets.

Under the terms of the agreement, Dong-A ST gained exclusive global rights for the further development and commercialization of Beactica’s small molecule inhibitors against multiple members of a family of epigenetic enzymes. The partnership pools existing compound series from both companies and combines Beactica's unique early-stage lead generation capabilities with DONG-A ST's strengths in downstream pre-clinical and clinical development of new therapeutic agents.

Beactica received an undisclosed upfront payment and research funding and is eligible to receive potential milestone payments for certain research, preclinical, clinical and regulatory milestones. In addition, Dong-A will pay royalties on commercial sales of any marketed products resulting from the partnership. Beactica is also entitled to a revenue share from any related future licensing activities by Dong-A ST.