Uli Hacksell Ph.D.

Board member since 2017

Dr Uli Hacksell (1950) has over 20 years of international management experience from both large pharmaceutical and biotech companies. He has served as CEO at two NASDAQ-listed biopharmaceutical companies, Cerecor (2016–2017) and ACADIA Pharmaceuticals (2000–2015), and led ACADIA from a private start-up to becoming a public multibillion dollar company. Previously, he held senior executive positions at Astra AB (1991–1999) and was president of Astra Draco, one of Astra’s largest R&D subsidiaries. 

Uli has diverse Board experience from several long-term positions including, ActionPharma A/S, Cerecor Inc., and SLS Invest AB. He currently is a Member of the Board of Directors at Active Biotech AB, Adhera Therapeutics, InDex Pharmaceuticals AB and Medivir AB. Earlier in his career Uli was Professor in Organic Chemistry at Uppsala University where he also received his PhD. He has authored over 200 scientific articles.

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