Fragment library screening and lead characterization using SPR biosensors

Danielson, U.H. (2009) Curr. Top. Med. Chem. 9: 1725-1735 Abstract The transition from high throughput screening of collections of drug-like compounds to screening of fragment libraries via lower throughput methods with high sensitivity has revolutionized early drug discovery. It is highlighting the need for... [...]

Structural and functional analysis of hepatitis C virus strain JFH1 polymerase

Simister, P., Schmitt, M., Geitmann, M., Wicht, O., Danielson, U.H., Klein, R., Bressanelli, S. and Lohmann, V.(2009) J. Virol. , 83(22) 11926-11939. Abstract The hepatitis C virus (HCV) isolate JFH1 represents the only cloned wild-type sequence capable of efficient replication in cell culture, as well as in... [...]