Noelin1 Affects Lateral Mobility of Synaptic AMPA Receptors

Pandya NJ, Seeger C , Babai N, Gonzalez-Lozano MA, Mack V, Lodder JC, Gouwenberg Y, Mansvelder HD, Danielson UH , Li KW, Heine M, Spijker S, Frischknecht R, Smit AB (2018) Cell Reports, 24:1218−1230. Abstract Lateral diffusion on the neuronal plasma membrane of the AMPA-type glutamate receptor (AMPAR) serves... [...]

Biophysics in drug discovery: impact, challenges and opportunities

Renaud JP, Chung C-w, Danielson UH, Egner U, Hennig M, Hubbard RE & Nar H (2016) Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, 15:679–698, doi:10.1038/nrd.2016.123AbstractOver the past 25 years, biophysical technologies such as X‑ray crystallography, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy... [...]

Identification and Characterization of an Irreversible Inhibitor of CDK2

Elizabeth Anscombe, Elisa Meschini, Regina Mora-Vidal, Mathew P. Martin, David Staunton, Matthis Geitmann, U. Helena Danielson, Will A. Stanley, Lan Z. Wang, Tristan Reuillon, Bernard T. Golding, Celine Cano, David R. Newell, Martin E.M. Noble, Stephen R. Wedge, Jane A. Endicott and Roger J. Griffin (2015) Chemistry & Biology 22:1–6.Summary Irreversible... [...]