Platform Overview

- Achieving Pioneering Goals Beyond The Expected

Beactica's small molecule drug discovery platform is based on state-of-the-art SPR biosensor technology that is augmented by proprietary methodology, approaches, algorithms and experimental designs. This powerful combination enables us to achieve pioneering goals beyond the expected.  

Our platform generates unique insights about how small molecules interact with a target protein of therapeutic importance. It gives us the power to both identify and optimise novel selective lead compounds with a high development potential and a reduced risk of failure in both early and late stages of the drug discovery process.

Key benefits include:

  • Wide range of targets amenable (structural determination not necessary)
  • High-quality interaction data for confident decisions (kinetics and selectivity)
  • Unique structural interpretation of interaction data
  • Very low protein consumption

Beactica's approach works also when protein crystallisation is not possible. This means that we can address a wider range of protein targets than possible using structure-based approaches. 

For an example application of the platform see here.