Platform Case Study II – Insulin Interacting with its Full-Length Receptor

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Business Need

Sanofi wanted to measure the interaction kinetics between insulin and its two binding sites on the full-length insulin receptor, with the ultimate aim to optimize the clinical efficacy of novel insulin analogues.

Technical Challenge

Biophysical experiments with any full-length transmembrane receptor is a known significant challenge.


Beactica’s team of highly skilled scientists developed an experimental design for SPR biosensor-based studies of the full-length insulin receptor.


The methods developed enable accurate measurements of interaction kinetics between insulin analogues and the two binding sites of full-length insulin receptor isoform A and B. These measurements can be used to optimise the interaction kinetics of novel insulin analogs to achieve better clinical efficacy.

Sanofi Poster - IR2017 - Fig


Wohlfart P, Gossas T, Lindgren L, Kullman-Magnusson M, and Tennagels N (2017), Poster at International Symposium on Insulin Receptor and Insulin Action IR2017 in Nice, France. 

The poster can be downloaded here.