Beactica Software

- Uncompromised identification of efficient starting points


Beactica’s proprietary software provides an unrivalled decision tool for the evaluation of SPR biosensor-based dose-response data. The software is designed to distinguish unspecific signals from real binding events. It is also ideally suited for understanding and exploiting data from targets lacking positive controls.


  • State-of-the-art determination of fragment affinities
  • Quantification of the degree of specificity of the dose-response signals

Technical Details

By accounting for the non-specific components in the dose-response signals, differences in MW and refractive index increment between ligands, and changes in surface activity during an experiment, state-of-the-art KD values can be determined. This is accomplished through unique algorithms proprietary to Beactica.

Sprint Software_C.Note_107_s_150dpi

Example of a set of fragment hits followed up by a dose-response experiment. Secondary interactions/non-specific signals are extracted as a linear dose-response component whereas the specific component is illustrated by the dashed line. Red points are the experimentally determined responses corrected for MW and blank responses.