Beactica Fragment Library

- Diverse And Efficient High-Quality Starting Points


Beactica’s fragment library is designed for diversity and extensively validated for our SPR biosensor-based screening platform. Sufficient material of all compounds is available for hit follow-up analyses. Commercial availability of analogues to fragments in the library allows for rapid SAR-by-catalogue hit expansion. High hit rates enable a shift in focus from quantity to quality of hits. For example, specificity, binding site location and thermodynamic profile of hits can be included as hit criteria.

Key Features

  • Extensively validated for our SPR biosensor-based screening platform
  • Composed of structures well suited for SAR-by-catalogue expansion
  • Amenable for screening against diverse target classes
  • Designed to discover the best polar interactions right from the start

Technical Details

Beactica's fragment library was compiled from >10 million commercially available building blocks and screening compounds. Application of physico-chemical and structural property filters, followed by diverse subset selection yielded a library of 2000 fragments, which were acquired from more than 30 different vendors.