Beactica and SPR biosensors

Beactica's platform is based on state-of-the-art SPR biosensor analysis using the Biacore range of instruments and sensor chips to which the target protein is immobilized. Analysis of the raw data is initially performed with standard Biacore software, and thereafter with Beactica’s proprietary software that has been developed as part of the Company's platform. This includes integration of kinetic and structural analysis of protein–ligand interactions. Proprietary data handling routines and specialized analysis methods for interpreting and modelling interaction kinetic data are implemented as required.

Sensitivity and information content

The primary limitation in SPR biosensor technology sensitivity is today related to the ability of immobilizing the protein in a functional and stable form and at sufficient concentrations for sensitive measurements. The information content differs for different experimental systems, but is dependent on the kinetics of the association and dissociation kinetics, as well as the affinity (KD) relative the solubility limit of the ligand of interest. The unique scientific team at Beactica has extensive expertise in developing assays and designing experiments for high sensitivity analysis and for maximizing the information that can be extracted.